Le Pôle d'économie sociale
des laurentides


Who are we?

The CSEESL represents  the Regional Pole of the social economy in the Laurentides. The role of the Regional Poles of the Social Economy is to promote the social economy and foster coordinated action and partnership between local and regional social economy stakeholders. We are mainly composed of local collective enterprises and support agencies.

The CSEESL offers many services:

  • Conferences
  • Formations
  • Networking

Social economy ?

The social economy is made up of enterprises, that, while selling a product or service, are responding to social needs (job creation, social/vocational integration, accessibility, environmental protection, civic engagement, etc.). These enterprises  are managed by their members or the community. Finding a balance between achieving their social mission and meeting economic imperatives is the ongoing challenge of social economy enterprises.

The enterprise itself

The enterprise (cooperative, mutualist organization or non-profit organization) is collectively owned. The directors of a cooperative or NPO are elected  (one person, one vote) by a general meeting of members. Profits are reinvested in the enterprise or used to benefit the community (wealth sharing).

In social economy enterprises, the social mission is grounded in a structure and internal rules; it does not depend on one individual's interests.


Although our website is in French, we would be glad to serve you in English. 

Reference: Social economy reference guide, Chantier de l'économie sociale